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Socket System

⛋ Seed Items with mounted ⛋ Seed⛋ Spheres gives us ⛋ Seed Options which we can see near Ancient Options in Inventory. ⛋ Seed Items can be only Regular or Excellent. They cannot have Harmony Option.

How it works

STEP 1. Get empty socket items.

🦖 Monsters from ⛳ Lacleon

STEP 2. Create a seed through NPC seed master at ⛳ Elveland.

Ⓔ Excellent Item<+4 or above>1
🥋 Set Item<+4 or above>1
🔷 Jewel of Harmony 1
💎 Jewel of Chaos 1
💎 Jewel of Creation 1
💰Zen 1,000,000


⛋ Seed Recipe

⛋ Seed Recipe

The success rate depends on the level and items used for combination.
When it's successful, it creates one of seeds below.

🟆 Fire SeedAttack/Wizardry damage increase (pro rata to level)
Attack speed increase
Maximum attack/Wizardry damage increase
Attack/Wizardry damage increase
🟆 Water SeedDefense success rate increase
Defense increase
🔰 Shield defense increase
Damage reduction
Damage reflection
🟆 Earth SeedStamina increase
🟆 Wind SeedLife auto recovery increase
Maximum Life increase
Maximum Mana increase
Automatic Mana recovery increase
Maximum AG increase
AG value increase
🟆 Lightening SeedExcellent damage increase
Excellent damage rate increase
Critical damage increase
Critical damage success rate increase
Auto HP increase after monster death
Auto Mana increase after monster death
🟆 Ice SeedSkill damage increase
Attack success rate increase
Item durability increase

When it fails, all the jewels will disappear and Excellent or Set items will randomly downgrade to level 0~2.

STEP 3. Combine a seed and a sphere to get a ⛋ Seed Sphere.


⛋ Sphere

It does not have any function or effects as it is, and you cannot mount it to socket alone.
Visit NPC 👤 Seed Master as before to combine a seed and a seed sphere.

Combination Recipe
⛋ SeedCreates using NPC 👤 Seed Master1
⛋ Sphere 1
💎 Jewel of Chaos 1
💎 Jewel of Creation 1
💰Zen 1,000,000


⛋ Seed Sphere

When it's successful :
A seed sphere will be created. Once this is mounted to a socket item, it will give item a special options.
The better quality the sphere has, the stronger option it will induce.

When it fails :
All the items that were put into combination will disappear.

STEP 4. Mounting

Go to 👤 Seed Researcher in ⛳ Elveland to mount a completed seed sphere to a socket item.
Attack weapons : Fire, Ice, Lightening seed sphere only
Defense weapons : Water, Wind and Earth seed sphere only


👤 Seed Researcher

A password will be emailed to you.
Currently this is only one server.