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    Dear MuWar Players!

    as you might have heard the Reborn and the Crazy server got wiped!
    this wipe had to be done because the servers were broken because of the OP (Over-Powered) items that were bought before I took over, many requested to wipe it and start fresh because I don't sell items for cash, you are on your own!
    (unless you are using the item shop) so what is done and what can you expect?

    server changes

    accounts fully wiped but rewards are coming for the loss (check the forum)
    jewel drop rate from basic mobs (besides event mobs) is set to 0% drop rate so I can slowly add a percentage(%) to the mobs.
    the arena mobs are tuned and changed, this is because the arena is used a lot.

    what can you expect?

    I'm working on some big mobs in some places they will drop nice items :) example +0+all
    all mobs are being turned and changed.
    make all items droppable on bosses.

    I'm always open to feedback and changes/tips please use the ticket system for that!
    for bugs also use the ticket system thank you.

    NOTE: for questions or anything game or forum related, contact me on the forum, by mail or send in a ticket, I don't use my skype regarding in-game issues or forum issues!
    after a while, my skype messages are deleted or after a long chat the request's or questions are gone, i don't want to browse back and search for it that's why the ticket system PLEASE USE IT THANK YOU :)
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